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20 Green Heron Kitchen
Plan Design & Aesthetics

Paul's wife, Carrie, the eye behind the style, has a gift for aesthetics and brings in a level of detail and refinement that even the most discerning home buyer will appreciate and value.  From the structure to the finishes, together they build a beautiful home that meets the needs, style and budget of every client.


From a functional and economic powder room to a luxurious master bath, your vision can become reality.  Functionality meets beauty in a Paul Bailey bathroom.  Bringing in all the latest style trends while maintaining a classic and timeless look.


Cabinets outdated? Flooring worn and boring? Dream of that kitchen island that should be surrounded by family and friends? Let Paul Bailey Builders create a functional kitchen for your family to gather around and enjoy.

Did you FINALLY purchase your dream home on this dream island? Does it need more "YOU"? Let us add to it with a sunroom, perhaps your perfect reading nook or in-law suite. Paul Bailey Builders can make any dream a reality.

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